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Big summer adventure. Cape-to-Cape: Nordkapp-Tarifa 2009. From the northernmost to the southernmost points of Europe via "the most"-something destinations.

Approximate trip route and some of potential points to visit
Route on Google Maps


"Cape to Cape" from cap Nordkapp in Norway to cape Tarifa in Spain - well-known tourist route between northernmost and southernmost points of continental Europe. There are multiple events going on this route, but mostly they are endurance races to cross the Europe as fast as possible but following speed limits through whole journey. The record for today is 55 hrs 18 minutes.
We had another intention - we thought to see how different is the Europe. Wild uninhabited Norwegian tundra, quiet Finland, never-sleeping Paris, sunny Spain.
In order to have some reference points, we decided to take some ultimate points of different type and try to make the route to see them all.

"Ultimate" points in Europe.

I am not the Guinness beer factory to make my own record book, but here is what we have discovered prior, during and after the trip.


The world's deepest tunnel
The world's longest road tunnel
Nothernmost point of continental Europe
The world's most northern brewery
The world's longest and deepest fjord
The world's most powerfulmaelstrom


The world's most northern McDonalds


The world's longest existing ropeway
The world's longest working ropeway
The world's oldest open-air museum
The Europe's biggest lake
The world's oldest tree


Have not found any points yet


The world's biggest model railroad
The world's oldest working brewery
The world's longest wooden bridge


Have not found any points yet


The world's longest railroad tunnel


The world's tallest viaduct


Westernmost point of continental Europe


Southernmost point of continental Europe
The world's oldest working restaurant
The world's biggest gothic dome
The Europe's biggest aquarium

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